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The Postal Redress Service (POSTRS) is an independent body whose role is to resolve disputes between regulated postal operators and their customers.

The law requires that all regulated postal operators be a member of an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) scheme approved by Ofcom. Launched on 1st October 2008, POSTRS is currently the only approved scheme.

It is designed to help settle disputes involving customers or businesses about the receipt of mail from a regulated postal operator, or the purchase or use of regulated products or services (except for those products or services for which the customer has a contract with the member company).

Applying to POSTRS is free, and a list of the companies who subscribe to POSTRS can be found here.  To find out which products and services are covered, please contact POSTRS.  

A list of Frequently Asked Questions (known as “FAQ’s”) gives further information about POSTRS and how it operates as do other parts of this website.

If you cannot find any information you need or would like any issues to be clarified, please email POSTRS or call 020 7520 3766. Or if you are hard of hearing and have a text phone you can call 020 7520 3767.

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My case was settled by POSTRS in a very prompt and professional manner and I would recommend the service to anyone